Unveil the Mystery Within ~ Your Journey to Self

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What is Quantum Alchemy you may ask? All life, each creation, every thought is a vibration or energy signature. Consciously or not, we are creating our own reality. Our thoughts are mighty and within us is the power to transform our lives and the world as we perceive it. The Buddhists speak of the Great Perfection, or Dzogchen, in Sanskrit अतियोग. For most a difficult concept to grasp. But as we expand our minds to align with that, we can start to see and experience this truth. Whatever your belief or understanding is of a Higher Power, that is what is within us all. Accessing and co-creating with this Higher Mind is my intention as I guide you on your Journey to Self.


Before anything manifests in this dimension of reality, it starts as an energy signature in the Quantum Field of Infinite Potential. It is in this Field where all creation begins. As we become more aware of this, we can transmute negative thoughts and feelings and in such a way transform our lives. Changing this basic energy signature will assist you to release discordant programming, traumas, beliefs, fears and blocks. As you raise your vibration, ever higher, YOU create the new you!
MULTI-DIMENSIONAL THERAPY best describes the healing gift I have had for more than 30 years. I am a Transducer and Transformer, operating in the vibration of Love, assisting my clients to remember who they are, what their Soul's purpose is, to develop a conscious connection to their Higher Selves. We all have a Divine Nature, but often live behind the Veil of Forgetfulness. If you are here, now, your guiding light is nudging you to take the next step, to apply the alchemical process to fully integrate all aspects of your being. To truly embody who you BE.

I guide you through this process using Intuitive Counselling, Shamanic Energy Medicine, Cosmic Codes and Beyond Quantum Healing ( a modality similar to QHHT). The Universe is here to conspire with you to expand your awareness and better understand the Great Mystery.

MDT sessions offer best results through personal connection for the first consultation (but not limited to!) From this I will intuit which modalities would best suit your intentions and required shifts. Thereafter Skype or Zoom sessions can be arranged. First consultation is 90 mins and thereafter we structure a program that meets your desires, objectives and financial investment.



Most of you have probably heard of QHHT, the name registered by the Dolores Cannon Academy for Quantum Hypnotherapy. One can only call oneself a QHHT practitioner if you have completed their course and been accredited. There are however many other teachers using the same or similar technique. I refer to my gift as BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing), which was also inspired by Dolores.

A BQH session can range from 2 - 4 hours and includes an "interview" or evaluation of approximately 45 minutes, the actual trance state / induction and the post session recap. It is very difficult to say exactly how long the actual session can last because each session is as individual as a fingerprint. The post session talk is usually about 45 minutes. During this time we will recall what we discovered in your session and it also allows you enough time to be grounded again. Sessions may be in person or via Skype, in which case you would need a room where you can be uninterrupted for the entire session, where you are comfortable and warm (preferably lying down) and where your device allows me to see your face clearly (good lighting). Your session will be audio-recorded. You may remember some, all or nothing of your session while you were hypnotised so a recording is great and actually important to your process after we meet. The more you hear yourself, the more easily the changes can be integrated into your BEing.
During the session, most often you will be guided to explore 1 or 2 past lives that are connected to the current life and that have meaning, bearing and a message for you. However, I prefer to allow the session to flow guided by your Higher Self and my intuition. Be prepared for anything, with no expectations! After we have explored your past lives I will call forward your Subconscious/Higher Self (SC/HS) to provide you with answers to your specific questions and obviously to perform healing where it is needed.

My role is as a "midwife", here to guide you in the process of birthing the new You by accessing your HS in order to find what the root causes and issues are and how to initiate your self-healing. This is the power of the BQH session. You may even find that once you have set your intention to undertake this journey to Self, things may start to shift before the session.

Most often only one session is needed. Sometimes clients come back for more sessions because they want to explore other aspects of themselves. It is recommended that a period of 6 - 8 weeks be allowed for integration before the next BQH journey is undertaken. There may also be a call to use other healing modalities to assist clients, such as Shamanic Journeys, Soul Recreation, Crystal healing etc. Such sessions can be structured to suit your budget and time.

Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility. There are no limitations, except the limits of your own imagination!